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 Post subject: TUTORIAL : Easy Photo Thread Posting
 Post Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2011 9:58 am 
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There is a lot of talk about using in this tutorial. I am in no way affiliated or profit from this in any way. Just trying to help the novice user here that we all might benefit..Admin

It takes me about 2 minutes now to make a up to a twenty image thread. Note that the system is now set to take up to 20 images in a posting. If you have 40-60-80 images then all you have to do is post a reply to your first post and continue. One other issue I have noted. I believe the software has a limitation of 768 pixels for a vertical size of image. Thus I have found that all landscape images that I have locationed on SnapFish download fine without resizing but the Portrait images will not as they are larger than that.

Get a account on SnapFish

You can now start as many subdirectories as you wish and keep them private. plubic or mixed. When you begin to uploading Id pick a new directory and name it. Check the default settings. You do not want to upload the large files. It will only slow you down and very large images will never show inside your post. Only show a link to download it from this website. So it wont be seen and I will get tons more space and ultimately just slow down the site...Dont do that!

Once you have them uploaded you can view them one at a time. This is how you retrieve them to post in you Photo Thread. Sooooo..

Step One. Pick post a new topic in the proper area and type in a subject I suggest you start it off with caps PHOTO THREAD <and name> Alternately you reply to a Photo
Thread to add your images to a exiting thread.

Below where you type in the Subject: you see on the left hand side the words
Message body: adn there are bunches of boxes with letters and words. These all enhance your posting. If you pass your pointer over them they give you hints to what they can do for you. In this tutorial we are only interested in one. The one that says Img.

Type normally and put a few descriptive words about what your thread is. Then enter a few times to make a visual space. Now you should have your Snapfish account open on another screen. Go there now and get to the directory you want to paste images into your post. Having opened the directory click on the first image and make that open large. You can adjust the size you see. Clicking next and next to decide on your first image. Having chosen alt click..that right mouse button causing a drop down menu to appear. Go to the line that says copy image location

Now back to your post. Place where you want the image to be on the page. Now go to the list and click on the box with Img in it. It will give you this with the curson blicking inbetween the two bracket sets . This is actually HTML and the basis for most of the Internet. Now paste the information you copied into the bracket. To paste you can either right mouse click and find paste of with the cursor blinking twixt the two hold down the CTRL key and press V. It will print the info in. Now go to the bottom of this page til you see a yellow box that says Preview. If everything was done properly you will see your first image appear

Step & Repeat

Your on your way to making polished postings

Ed Hopper. retired, USA
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